About Barton Boutique

Welcome to Barton Boutique.

Here you will discover a collection of unique jewellery creations, using a variety of wonderful gems . From vintage, antiques,  healing crystals,  hand crafted bronze and silver artisan pendants .......To thai Budha amulets, handmade and bless by Thai monks.  

I am a designer who loves to constantly create works of art.  I have always had a real a passion for Jewellery of all kinds, and the true history and origins behind it all.  I adore up-cycling and creating something new out of something old.... To bring new life to vintage, retro and natural objects,  then turning them into super-special pieces.                                                                                                                                                         
I research everything very carefully and source my vintage elements from flea markets around the world and feel it very important to keep it's history in tact.    

Each beautiful hand made piece has been designed and handmade by myself , to be adorned by you and your loved ones.

Buying in my online boutique is easy, but If you prefer to  being touch-feely,  you can find my pieces at  'Oh Darling!' Lifestyle Boutique in London SW14.

Also, do connect and keep up with news and new products on my blog and Twitter pages.

Have a great shop and I really hope you enjoy your purchase.

Natalie x