'Porteur de Fortune' - 1908 Edward V11 - £58

'Porteur de Fortune'  - 1908 Edward V11 - product images  of
'Porteur de Fortune'  - 1908 Edward V11 - product images  of
'Porteur de Fortune'  - 1908 Edward V11 - product images  of
'Porteur de Fortune'  - 1908 Edward V11 - product images  of
'Porteur de Fortune'  - 1908 Edward V11 - product images  of
925 sterling silver | antique
A beautiful 1908 Edwardian concave silver threepence. This little antique charm with Edward V11's portrait on, has been conceived and drilled .
This threepenny is on a fine 925 silver chain, together with a tiny seed pearls and glass beads, to bring out the antique look of this original little lucky love token .

The British threepence (3d) coin was usually simply known as a threepence or threepenny bit and first appeared in England during the fine silver coinage of King Edward VI (1547–53). All those minted during the year 1816 to 1919 were made of sterling silver, those produced between 1920 and 1946 were half silver and half nickel.

The coin itself measures 1.5 Centimetre In Diameter 5/8th Inch - Weight 1.3 grams
Each pendant necklace is completely unique and comes beautifully wrapped in it's own hand stamped muslin pouch.

The background history:

This stunning range of antique gem set Threepences 'Porteur de Fortune' , will melt anyone's heart. Each one of these antique Good Luck / Love tokens are completely unique and have a wonderful background history behind them......

An old English superstition decreed that a bent coin should always be kept in a pocket or purse to ensure that it's owner would always have a good amount of money.

There were other purposes too. In medieval times, until at least the late 16th century, it was customary for a man to bend a copper coin and give it to his sweetheart as a token of his love and intention of marriage. They were never spent and were always carried by the woman as a demonstration of her loyalty and as a constant reminder to her each time she opened her purse.

In later centuries, especially the 18th and 19th centuries, coins were still used as love tokens. They were hand made; created by the young people to give to their sweethearts, and in some instances were given by soldiers and sailors before they went abroad as a keepsake of them.

Barton Boutique Jewellery is designed and hand made by myself to bring old and new together in harmony, to create something unique and special. So, all these element have been brought together to bring you my new little range of lucky love tokens which I have named 'Porteur de fortune'.

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